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Music & Video                                                                   Ceòl 's Bhideo

Welcome to the music and video section of my web site!

You can read more below, or you can watch this short video introduction

Michael Kerr (2014)

I play Scottish and Irish music on bagpipes and guitar.  And, depending on the occasion, I either play solo or I play with other traditional musicians in small groups picked especially for the event.  Performances run the gamut from private observances, to corporate dinners and functions, to fully-staged concerts in grand and elegant theaters.

So, if you're a bride looking for music for your ceremony or cocktail hour – or if you're an event planner who's seeking quality, Celtic-themed, music for your guests, then you'll want to browse these pages and have a listen!  There are plenty of audio and video clips to choose from.

When you visit my Music page you'll hear samples of my:

  •  solo guitar playing;

  •  solo piping on Highland bagpipes;

  •  solo piping on Scottish smallpipes;

  •  accompanied fingerstyle guitar playing;

  •  accompanied piping.

Likewise, when you go to my Video page you'll see clips from some of the different concerts I've done over the years.  The ones from Áine Minogue's TV special, in particular, show how well small, tailor-made, ensembles can enhance any get together.


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Pipe box (Michael Kerr)

If you happen to be a piper yourself, you should check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

And if you're a piping student, you'll be interested in the free tutorial videos that I'll be putting up on YouTube.  Also, don't forget to go to my Teaching page, because you'll find a link there to sheet music and other learning material that I have posted under the heading of my Resources.

Thig crìoch air an t-saoghal, ach mairidh gaol is ceòl.
The world will come to an end, but love and music will last forever.
                                  A proverb