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Welcome to my teaching Resources pagea storehouse for sheet music, audio and video clips, and other items of interest to pipers and pipe students!

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Resources Stòrasan

Fiddle Tunes


I’ve been setting fiddle tunes and Gaelic song airs to the pipes for a long time. But here’s a case where I’ve set a fiddle tune based on the piano playing of the great Doug MacPhee.  The six variations are almost identical to Skinner’s, and the tune should be played in this order: old tune, variations I-VI, old tune, variations I-III.  Over the years, I tried working the variations in different ways; this one’s from October of 1998 (click the thumbnail).

A Winter's Journey with Áine Minogue (Michael Kerr)

I was privileged, in 2001, to have been asked by the great Irish harpist and singer, Áine Minogue, to play pipes and guitar in her television special called “A Winter’s Journey.”  Filmed inside of Boston’s historic and beautiful Cathedral of the Holy Cross, this one-hour video has had multiple airings and earned a New England Emmy nomination for Best Producer.  A number of clips from this special have been put up on YouTube and, between them, they’ve had well over a hundred thousand viewings.

Tha Do Rìoghachd Làn Do Ghlòir (Your Kingdom is Full of Your Glory)

One of the more popular of these clips has me playing a Gaelic hymn on the pipes while being accompanied by electronic keyboard.  Called “Tha Do Rìoghachd Làn Do Ghlòir (Your Kingdom is Full of Your Glory),” I based my setting (thumbnail at left) on the singing of Murdina MacDonald that’s on the School of Scottish Studies recording, Music from the Western Isles.  The tune is secular, but the title here comes from the first line of the hymn, which itself is also sometimes called "Smuaintean Aonaranach (Lonely Thoughts)."  In the TV special, my pipes are well down in the mix with the organ; so if you'd like to hear it as a solo piece, then look for its thumbnail on my Video page, where there's a clip of me playing it in the Gaelic Roots festival "Master's Concert."

Gaelic Roots 2000 banner (Michael Kerr)

In the year 2000, I taught Highland pipes at the week-long Gaelic Roots festival held at Boston College and sponsored by the Irish Studies Program there.  It was the premier Irish music festival of its time, and it attracted students from all over the world (if you're curious, here is that year's lineup of instructors).

In getting ready for the festival, I prepared a packet of notes for my students that included, among other things, some of my settings of fiddle tunes and Gaelic song airs.  They learned several of these during the week, and together we set at least one fiddle tune to the pipes as an exercise.  At the end of the festival, they played a selection of these tunes during a student recital.

Most of that packet of notes is included, here, in this section.  You can click on any thumbnail below for a copy of that page's sheet music and accompanying notes.

Tune List
General Principles
Dusky Meadow
The Warlock
Bog An Lochain
Lord Blantyre's
The Fir Tree
Togain Barr
Annie MacKinnon
An Oidhche Ro
Georfie MacLeish
A-Nuli Thar
Joy Be With You
Blarney Pilgrim
Highland Laddie
Boys of Ballymote
Toronto Waltz

And because the written page is only a representation – not the actual music itself, if you want to know what any of these tunes really sound like, then just contact me and I’ll send you an audio clip.

But, some of these tunes I play differently now, so make sure you look in the sections above for possible newer settings.